Wonderful Ways to Use Epsom Salts

Epsom salts—who knew that such an uninspiring ingredient could inspire such devotion? Epsom salts have amazing health benefits–here are 20 ways to use Epsom salts. It’s also a miracle cure-all, helping to remove splinters and reduce swelling of sprains and bruises. One ingredient really does fit all!

20 Wonderful Ways to Use Epsom Salts:

1. Splinter removal – soak in concentrated epsom salt water

2. Relieve athlete’s foot – add 2 c to basin and soak feet for 30 minutes every day until gone

Wonderful Ways to Use Epsom Salts

3. Treat toenail fungus – same as #2, but twice per day

4. Ease gout & other inflamations – add 2 tbs to water (as hot as you can stand) and soak affected joint for 30 minutes

5. Boost veggie growth – sprinkle 1 tbs at the base of the plant (continue to sprinkle 1 tbs per foot of height around the base before watering as veggies are prone to magnesium deficiency as they produce throughout the growing season)

6. Get rid of trash diggers – sprinkle a few tablespoons of salt around your trash cans to deter raccoons and other varmints that may enjoy your garbage

7. Grout & tile cleaner – equal parts liquid dish soap and epsom salt and scrub away. Rinse well!

Wonderful Ways to Use Epsom Salts

8. Boost house plants – add 2 tbs per gallon of water

9. Get rid of slugs – sprinkle them directly (with epsom or any salt, really)

10. Diabetes – dissolve 1 tsp in 1 c of water and drink (proper magnesium and sulfate levels improve the effectiveness of insulin in the body, which in turn can help lower or reduce risk of diabetes

11. Laxative – dissolve 1 tsp in 1 cup of water and drink (check with your doctor!)

12. Boost rose blooms – add 1 tbs every week at the base before watering

13. Poison ivy relief – mix 2 tbs salt and 1 c cold water, soak washcloth and use as a compress over the affected area (do not rub!)

Wonderful Ways to Use Epsom Salts

14. Eye health – Rinse your face with a solution of Epsom salt and warm water or apply to a washcloth and use as a warm compress to help heal cataracts, conjunctivitis, and sties

15. Hangover relief – dissolve 1 tbs in 1 cup of water and drink as the sulfates help break down toxins and flush them more quickly (make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day, too!)

16. Get green, lush grass – sprinkle around your yard (especially those yellow or brown spots) once a month before watering

17. Seedling hardiness – add 2 tbs to each hole before planting to increase survival and hardiness

18. Itchy scalp relief &/or hair volume – mix equal parts salt and conditioner, work through hair and leave for 15-20 minutes then rinse

19. Fabric softener – mix 1 c salt and 5 drops of essential oil; use 1/4 per load (multiply as needed in a 1:5 ratio of cups of salt to EO drops for your batch)

20. Bug bites, bee stings & sunburn relief – dissolve 1 tbs in 1/2 c water, let cool, put in spray bottle and spritz the itchy area

Wonderful Ways to Use Epsom Salts

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